PREXCO offers advanced planning funeral repatriation services for any Latin expat

PREXCO offers Advanced Planning Funeral Repatriation Services specially designed for Latin immigrants who have an interest in returning their remains to their country of origin in Latin America. The goal is to protect its members as well as their families, so that in case of demise, any of them can be returned to loved ones in their country of origin.

“This project is a dream come true, created by a group of entrepreneurs within the funeral industry in Latin America who understand the importance of offering funeral planning solutions to all Latin immigrants in any country of America” expressed Jorge Ivan Ospina, PREXCO’s President.

Prevision Exequial Colombia was established in 2005 and came to be known as PREXCO Repatriación Funeraria Multilatina in 2010. With offices in New York and Latin America, where it is perceived as a leader in funeral solutions and services, PREXCO continues to grow offering coverage to any expatriate in the American continent.

PREXCO’s goal is for people to have peace of mind by offering various advance planning funeral packages for repatriation. Immediate or emergency funeral services are also available to those without an advanced funeral plan.

The application process is simple and with minimal requirements. Upon enrollment, PREXCO becomes available for complete services to the member 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In the event of a sudden death of a member, the family only needs to provide the death certificate and contact PREXCO, where expert and sensitive representatives are standing by to ensure that all the repatriation process is carried out as planned.

“Affiliation is simple and fast” explains 8-year member of PREXCO, Olga Luz Giraldo Quintero, 54. “I recommend that everyone apply for this service because we all encounter those moments in losing a loved one. We are well represented and are provided complete attention upon the initial call for services. PREXCO takes care of all the details, including the transportation of the remains to South American countries. They helped me with my mother who passed away July 2. The repatriation flowed seamlessly as promised and in the projected timeframe.”

To date, PREXCO’s staff has successfully assisted 2,450 repatriations and expatriations, to and from different countries, and has a current enrollment of 100,000 members.

“Acquiring PREXCO’s funeral services means trusting in a company with 12 years’ experience, with economic strength and a wide network in America and abroad while providing human warmth and sensitivity as done with all services of cherished loved ones” states Ospina.

In its continued growth plan, PREXCO intends to expand to different countries within Latin America and the Caribbean providing both planned and emergency funeral solutions, seeking to reduce the crisis and trauma that family members experience as a result of the loss of a loved one abroad.

“It’s a dream, 12 years in the making, to have PREXCO look after and care for all Latin people who live in foreign countries. Bit by bit, we are getting closer to reaching that goal” shared Ospina.

More information about PREXCO and the application process can be viewed at www.prexco.com or by calling toll free: 1800-550-6842. Follow social media promotions and offers via FacebookYouTube and Instagram, where a team is ready to kindly assist you with offers and services.


80-15 37 Jackson Heights Ave.,
NY, United States, 11372.
Free toll number 24/7 from the USA: 1800 550 6842
Alternate phone number: 718 779 3020

Zona Franca Local 110
Rionegro, Antioquia
Telefax: +57 (4) 562 1142

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